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  • Youtube and Bowling Service

    Is YouTube healthy for our industry?

    What are some of the good and bad things about seeing bowling equipment repairs on YouTube.

    Yes, YouTube is healthy for our industry.
    No, YouTube for one reason or another is not healthy.
    I'm not sure.

    The poll is expired.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.

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    Good when the content is accurate and not misleading or overtly unsafe.
    Bad when the content is sketchy and or dangerous especially to the uninformed.

    Since the uninformed as well as the educated go to YouTube for various reasons, not sure which side wins.


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      I agree %100 with loadtoa


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        I would assume so. That way people don't have to just visualize words from the posts. Pictures and step by step videos go a long way for sure.


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          I also agree with loadtoad concerning safety and using correct procedures.

          But, to touch on another aspect of our "industry", I could spend hours watching old videos of the PBA, back in a day when professional bowling was as big as professional golf. Back in a day when bowling meant more than bumpers, music, and flashing lights. Don't get me wrong, I realize that these things are helping keep the "industry" alive, but I sure miss some of the old days.


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            I love the videos it gives the viewer better instructions. I learn a lot of stuff on YouTube from rebuilding car engines to waxing floors.
            Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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              IMO it's great, anyone can still write up an article on how to stupidly and dangerously service/replace a part etc..


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                Agree with Loadtoad. ,Bowltech, QAMF's Customer Portal,and YouTube may be the only sources of information for a lot of us. Manuals can get you only so far. And some of us never get to go
                to school,or have a knowledgeable FM or owner to learn from.
                Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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                  Agree with LT. Many of them are very shaky from good maintenance practices, technique, accuracy and safety. As was also stated, hands on, face to face with a qualified mechanic/instructor is invaluable and extremely necessary, both electrical and mechanical. There is definitely a market for a field instructor to help new and old folks. Unfortunately, I doubt that most centers would spend the money. I am doing this right now at the rear wall center in Milwaukee. I sit on the machine, explain the theory, identify problems, reference the manual for settings, procedures and clearances, and then WATCH HIM DO THE MAINTENANCE. I try to rarely turn a wrench except for demonstration purposes, then I still have him repeat it. It goes without saying that the information, discussions and instruction given here is incredibly excellent and I think we police ourselves pretty well to keep everything on track. The only thing missing is the hands on training which at times is very critical.
                  Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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