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    Do you lease or own your arcade games?

    We lease our games
    We own our games

    The poll is expired.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.

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    50 - 50.
    From a maintenance point of view, prefer they lease them.
    Dont know what the financal breakdown is when making comparisons. But there always seems to be one that is out of order.


    • #3
      We have a deal with a company, we just take a split of the money. There is no maintenance on our end that way.


      • #4
        soon we will own 50+ games. I will be trained by Trifecta to operate and maintain them. It's an adventure!
        Later Chief


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          Originally posted by 8230chief View Post
          soon we will own 50+ games. I will be trained by Trifecta to operate and maintain them. It's an adventure!
          Later Chief
          Is there a good place to purchase some used games? We would love to be able to own some of our games along with the ones we lease. Thanks!


          • #6
            I would look up your local video repair shops. They may have what your looking for or where to find it.
            Later Chief


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