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CMOS Battery Failed Accuscore Plus main computer


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  • CMOS Battery Failed Accuscore Plus main computer

    I shut down the system and was bringing it back up because of a scoring issue I was having. Now I have even a bigger mess. As the computer was booting up I got an error CMOS battery failed. Did some research on bowltech here and it stated that it could be a bad battery. Because of my ignorance to this scoring system is that the battery on the main board that is #CR2032? If so, I replaced that battery and still cant get the system to boot.

    It is either asking to ESC to boot or F1 to setup. When I hit ESC it states not a directory boot not found Stage 1 boot failure error loading boot.

    Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Tina

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    Not sure if this help but I have a flashing yellow light on the back of the computer.


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      With computers in general, the CMOS battery provides power to the memory when the main power is disconnected so it can remember it's settings. When this battery starts to go dead, the computer will start to lose its settings. When you remove the battery completely to replace it, the computer will lose all it's settings stored in this memory. You need to go into the setup and reset these settings. If you have another computer, you should be able to duplicate your settings from the settings on that computer but if this is a single unit then you will have to get the settings from somewhere to put them back in. I'm sorry, I don't have these settings for you but someone else may or if you have the user manual, they may be in there. Sometimes you can figure them out by common sense once you see the setup menu.

      Good luck. Let us know what you find.


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        I believe the first step is to boot into BIOS and manually input the hard drive's geometry. (I imagine this would be a 1gb drive.) All of the geometry should be listed on the hard drive case. When the battery failed it lost the drive's info so it doesn't know where to boot from.


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          That makes sense I will check that and see what happens. Thank you for the advice.


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