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Accuscore Plus misscores 2nd ball


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  • Accuscore Plus misscores 2nd ball

    So, I have Accuscore Plus in my center, above ground ball returns, and AMF 82-30 machines. On lane 2 it keeps misscoring on the second ball only (to give an example, if I get 6 pins on the first ball it will score properly. But then I only get 3 pins on the second ball, it will count me as only knocking down 2 pins. If I were to spare, it would count me as only getting 3). So, it keeps misscoring by 1 pin. There is no pattern (doesn't seem to be any pin in particular, or any side in particular). I've checked for any possible glare that may be coming off my machines, and I've got nothing. My camera reads as it being tuned properly.

    Would anyone happen to have any suggestions I can try?


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    Paint inner sweep carriage parts flat black, especially if you are using cotter pins for the drag link.
    See if a smaller gap in the start switch will start the camera delay a split second sooner.
    If it's an even lane, see if the start switch lever pin is rubbing against the downsweep track bracket - will effect timing.
    Tighten the spring on the start switch or replace it.
    Make sure 2nd ball light is on when machine is waiting on cycle to start, and stays on at cycle start. Put on stepper aux ball light kit if it isn't.
    Remove all pins from deck, turn machine on - see if you see any hint of a bright spot on curtain. Oil from sweep motor, wrinkle, tear or outside edge missing. Also, see if back-end lighting from above is reflecting to camera. You have to put your eyes at the position of the camera to see exactly what is is seeing.

    Swap camera with known good one.
    This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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