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AS+ blacking out on a pair


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  • AS+ blacking out on a pair

    What happens when my as+ blacks out and then comes back on occasionally seems to be room temp related, best i can figure or maybe humidity related,
    it always comes back on after 30 seconds but never looses scores, but will not score during time screens are black.
    No one in my area has as+ so i am searching for a cure to the problem, i have checked all the grounding and that all seems to be good, black ut is on a cwc in the middle of my cwc, machines are 8270ss with omega tek upgrade, power to cwc from back end fuse box and monitors are from front desk fuse box. Both fuse panels supplied out of same mains panel.
    lcd panels do not go off just the screen goes black, video disappears, seems like the cwc shuts off or something, changed cwc thought it was fixed still does it, at first it seemed like it was the keyboard, seemed like every time someone corrected or pushed a button shortly after it would go dark.
    i have changed keyboard cwc, checked all the grounding - checked all the pwr outlets for proper wireing, and grounding - grounded all the machines - grounded comm line to front desk,
    Seems to be something with the cwc, power down back, or grounding, it is not a major problem but annoying none the less, any ideas appreciated, none to trivial, running out of ideas
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    We had a similar thing, it was static electricity. We had a large bowler wearing parachute pants and the legs rubbing together charged up a big spark which was grounded when the bowler touched the scoring console. I do not remember the monitors going off but the camera went off line for a bit and it would not score.


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      Try tapping on the EPROM card in the CWC and see if the CWC reboots. If so you can try reseating the card or it maybe a bad CWC.


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        We call it warm start. And it is usually keyboard or bowler terminal board related. There is supposed to be a ground wire from the keyboard to the metal base of the bowler terminal .
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          First off thanks for all the info
          i did replace the cwc and problem seemed to go away for a while, then tried a different eprom board from another cwc still same thing sometimes it runs for a day without restarting sometimes for a week, just never know when it will do it.
          I did notice the other day that when power is off, and when it comes back on two of my keyboards beeped the others didnt, is that something i should worry about?
          However not to change the subject and back to the blacking out could i ground the keyboard and pwr board to my electrical system would that help? Keyboard is grounded to the metal and the pwr board for the keyboard.
          Could the keyboards or the pwr board get to warm and cause this in the closure?
          Sometimes when it was cool in the center, and we start bowling it seems to do it, but dont know if that is the cause.
          Thanks again
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