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Boss Scoring Issues


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  • Boss Scoring Issues

    I have been having some issues with my Boss scoring. I will get sporadic miss scoring on the odd lane of one pair on first ball, scoring 7-10 as a strike, 7 count on a gutter, etc. then score the exact same count correctly on the next frame. I cant come up with a pattern or specific counts that cause it. So far I have flagged my camera (gold color), replaced the camera with a spare, swapped CPUs and MI boxes, swapped a BT board. I just cant seem to find a solution and was hoping someone on here might have a suggestion or be able to point me in the right direction.

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    Check your 44/144 switches. Also make sure the motor start relay on that lane is in good shape. (Solder, contacts, etc...)


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      Look for lighting issues from the curtain reflecting light, or dim pin lights etc. Make sure the camera is securely mounted and lenses are tight and clean.


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        I am assuming by 44/144 Switches you are referring to the cluster mounted to the detector? If so I just replaced both of them and see no change. The motor start relay appears to be in working order, it was replaced about a year ago, none of the solder appears loose or corroded.

        I've tried swapping pit curtains with another pair and saw no change in either pair. Bulb has been replaced, no change. Camera is tightly mounted, no wiggle. I assume the lens is tight, it doesn't turn in either direction by hand. Lens appears clean, we periodically clean them with a can of air and a rag.

        The only new thing I've observed is the 3 yellow/gold led's on the MI box blink simultaneously instead of alternating like the other pairs. Not sure if this is a sign of something?


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          Its been a while but....try this: The power control wiring from the scoring should go on terminals 1 and 6 in the machine's control box. Move the wire form 1 to terminal 9. This should bypass the motor start relay...see if this solves the problem. If problem goes away, its the relay...

          I think I have that correct.


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