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Accuscore+ Misscoring Mystery


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  • Accuscore+ Misscoring Mystery

    Hi at my center we have 82-70s and Accuscore + and the AMF advantage system.

    We are having problems on lane 2 with a no score, not even the - if you miss, coming up after the first frame has been bowled and then a random number for the first throw of the second frame. And it continues like that for the rest of the game. There seems to be no correlation between what pins are knocked down and what the system scores. If you score a strike the machine tries to respot pins.

    CWC has been changed, camera has been changed. Changed pin deck lights. Looked for any creases on the curtain and anything reflective or shiny in the pit.

    lane 1 scores fine. Also the cycle button isn't working from the back end and you can't reset pins from the front desk either. I'm not sure if that might be a related issue. We can only cycle pins from MP chassis.

    any help would be appreciated as it's got us all stumped at the minute.


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    Check your start switch on that lane. You cannot do a cycle if the start switch is closed at zero.


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      Thanks for getting back to me MikeM. Whereabouts is this start switch you speak of? Also would this fix the issue with our Misscoring? Thanks


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        Mounted on the machine frame, hits the sweep arm at zero.


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          those cam levers have all been adjusted and tried changing the switch out but still having the same problem. Any more ideas?


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            You could be getting bad signals from the cwc to the machine chassis or the machine chassis could have an issue since you lost your reset. Which machine chassis are you using? Where does the cable from the cwc plug into the machine chassis?

            Try swapping into this lane a good machine chassis. If that doesn't solve it then leave the good chassis there and swap in a known good cwc to machine chassis cable.


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