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  • e-stops

    i have a pair of lanes that work great all day then next morning when i try to open a game i find that they are estopped. once clearing the estop they do a 2nd cycle as opposed to just coming on. could this be a connection issue (Lcom) when turning the lanes back on? not a big issue but would like to know why its happening. 90Xli chassis.

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    First thing I would suggest is swapping the chassis to see if the problem follows

    Billy T


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      did think of that - was just worried if it was a short etc else where in the system we'd be exposing a new chassis to the electrical fault..... Are there any other checks we can perform first? Seems like a connection issue to me because the issue did not occur this morning.....


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        We had a similar problem after installation. One would e-stop for no apparent reason, a few hours of chasing my tail, found a loose wire/screw on the forward e-stop, Been working good for almost 6 years now.


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          great - thanks - i'll go and check that now.


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