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Custom Front Desk Control/Lane Mangement


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  • Custom Front Desk Control/Lane Mangement

    Custom Accuscore+ & 8270 Lane Controls?

    Just assessing any interest in custom made lane control software for 8270’s / Accuscore Plus

    i’ve been investigating new options to control our old 8270 pinsetters since being plonked into the “responsibility of everything” role a few years ago.

    We only have a 4 lane setup, small but very demanding, many mistakes to be made, like we all have, especially with random bar staff attempting to use a telnet client to control the lanes. In most instances the machines and software were conceived at least 20 years before the operators were and the lack of emojis and a screen you can’t poke are the only things that keep them away from the beautiful amber text goldfish bowl Wyse dumb terminal. Alas the tube went eventually and we regressed to “Stand Alone” times that were fun for a few days..... which obviously and purely coincidentally....
    mid when I changed my mobile number.

    last 3 paragraphs were lost in the ether, like serial commands so I’ll keep the rewrite brief.
    LCD conversion went well for £50 per lane plus the Cost of the smart TVs, custom bowler terminals are still in progress, pictures up soon, as far as lane control goes, I’m still playing but for Windows people this is what I have to offer, am able to tailor to certain needs so if you need simple controls without changing you’re entire scoring system, drop me a msg,

    Simple Lane Management for Windows
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    Ok so the last 3 paragraphs magically disappeared so my post make me no sense at all lol!

    Rectification in progress....


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