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Accuscore Plus: Accucam shutting down after one cycle.


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  • Accuscore Plus: Accucam shutting down after one cycle.

    I've had a recurring issue with Accucam II cameras that will shut down (all LEDs out) after performing a single cycle. I can restart the camera each time by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in but it still will not read more than one cycle before shutting down again.

    Latest event occurred on a pair that would stop scoring until I removed the data cable at the CWC and clean the contacts with an electronic cleaner. So today I replaced the data cable, thinking the problem was there. But now it won't function after a single cycle.

    I've had similar symptoms on this pair before. CWC and camera have been swapped out for known operating units in teh past. Current CWC is one we got from QAMF less than a year ago.

    Really stumped on this one.

    -- Larry

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    Just an update.....

    The next day everything seemed on the pair seemed to be working fine. We've been fighting gremlins in the system for nearly two years now since a lighting strike near the center took out half the curtain walls and a couple of silver chassis.

    Had a different pair start showing similar issues except the CWC was visibly locked up (Run light on continuous). Swapped it with another pair and after a couple of warm starts both pair were running fine.

    We have one pair that our new TouchDesk hasn't been able to communicate with for a while (scores okay in local mode) so we're still thinking we have one CWC that's not playing nice with us.

    -- Larry


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