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Advantage Back Office Issue


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  • Advantage Back Office Issue

    Hello All,

    I don't know if Deb still lurks around here, but I have an issue with my back office computer. Did a warm reboot (sync;reboot) this morning, and now at my "xenix386!login:", when I type and enter "adv" (without quotes of course), instead of taking me into the Advantage Back Office screen, it comes up with:

    Welcome to SCO XENIX System V


    The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

    Then back to
    "xenix386!login:" (without quotes)

    Have not tried a cold boot, but will when we die down. In the meantime, ant suggestions??


    Leyton at Tahoe

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    Any takers??
    Leyton at Tahoe


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      Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
      Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
      Walker B, Sanction Standard, Original K, Flex Walker & Ikon
      Kegel C.A.T.S


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        Thanks Kanga, got her contact info. But noticed her last activity was 3/19. Anyway, did a cold boot and all is good again. Wish I knew what caused it though. Thanks.
        Leyton at Tahoe


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