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Lanes Not Checked In Together


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  • Lanes Not Checked In Together

    Every once in awhile, we get an error where you give out a pair of lanes and the bowler only has a name on one screen and bowls a few games. You go to check out the lanes and the front desk terminal won't let you saying "lane's not checked in together". The bowler had bowled 5 games. The manager goes to turn off just the lane where the bowler entered his name and it shows he bowled 8 games. Manager cahses out that lane and then we are left with the pair still on and showing that 5 games are bowled. This time, we turn off the pair as normal and it works totally normal. So it seems as though the lane had an open ticket on it even though there should not have been. Question is, what is up with that?

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    Re: Lanes Not Checked In Together

    There's a feature called "quick off" aka "deferred check-out" aka "quick on" that could be the culprit. This feature - along with "End Bowling Pressed" - was implemented for the Japanese market to provide better customer service. Here's how it's meant to work:

    When the desk operator (DOP) knows the current bowlers are done bowling, the lane(s) can be checked in for the next bowler(s) before the current bowler(s) find their way to the front desk to pay. This is done by selecting the lane(s), pressing <OFF> to enter check-out, and then pressing <ON> to go straight to check-in. All the information for the "deferred check-out" is saved. The new bowlers can be heading down to the lanes while the bowlers who just finished are heading to the desk (or dilly-dallying around). Now the DOP selects the lane(s), presses <OFF> and - voila! - the deferred check out information is presented and check-out is completed.

    So, here in the US where this feature is probably never used, say lane 7 was checked in and 8 games were bowled. The DOP begins check-out and then mistakenly hits <ON> instead of <OFF> to finish the transaction. Not sure what just happened (being in the check-in screen), the DOP now hits <RESET>, is returned to the main screen, and sees that lane 7 is no longer checked in - BUT neither is the check out completed! Next, lanes 7 and 8 are checked in together and a total of 5 games are bowled on the pair. When you try to check out 7 and 8, you'll get "lanes not checked in together" - because the deferred check-out for the 8 games bowled on lane 7 must first be completed.

    I hope that explanation is clear enough.

    Next time it happens, take a look at detailed lane status (via the <SHOW> key) and check the value of "Quick Off/On" in the right-most column. A value of 1 means there's a deferred check-out waiting.


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      Re: Lanes Not Checked In Together

      This was a cool feature. It came in very handy for us at my old center. Many times when a bowler was done and wandered into the Pro-Shop to BS around, we would just "park" his lane and were able to re-assign it and keep the waiting list going. Then someone would grab the original bowler and clear his tab.
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