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Old CRT TV to new HAPP LCD


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  • Old CRT TV to new HAPP LCD

    I have read through all the discussion on the HAPP LCD's not needing any conversions for replacing old crt tv's. I went to their website and its seems they have a different pin size than what we have on our CRT's. They show a 10 pin and we have a 26 pin. We have Accuscore Plus...would there be a problems using these Happ LCD's? Would any converters be needed?

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    Re: Old CRT TV to new HAPP LCD

    On the DB25 connector, after the:
    1 red
    2 green
    3 blue
    4 ground
    5 vertical
    6 horiz/composite sync

    The rest are grounds - all tied together on the board.
    So on the 10 pin connector on the HAPP monitor, you only need the 6. the others on that 10 pin connector are for B/W or monochrome monitor inputs:
    7 - not connected to anything
    8 - ground
    9 - V sync
    10 - Horiz and VH sync.

    So, with the lower AMF monitor, it's just plug it in. With the overhead DB25, you'll have to use the cable HAPP sends and pin one end to a DB25 female connector - matching the red, green, blue wires, and trying the 2 others for Horiz and Vert.

    To maybe clarify the signals - the ribbon cable from the CWC has 12 mini coax cables made into a ribbon style. Each one of those carries the signals for BOTH lanes - 6 each.
    Red, Green, Blue, ground, vertical and horiz. Each of those coax cables has a ground - thus there are 12 conections for each lane, but 6 are commmon to each other. Examine your spare monitor control board, you'll see the common connections on the bottom tracers.
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      Re: Old CRT TV to new HAPP LCD

      So what you are saying that you would need to rewire the pin to be adaptable to these lcd monitors.


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        Re: Old CRT TV to new HAPP LCD

        Okay I got the ribbon cable figured out. What about the ethernet like cable that goes from the Accuscore Chassis Wall to the TV? Do they have a conversion for that? This would be the cable that goes into J2 on Accuscore CWC.


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          Re: Old CRT TV to new HAPP LCD

          So what would be the best cga to LCD converter box to use with Accuscore Plus?


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