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Frameworx touchscreen blank


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  • Frameworx touchscreen blank

    I work in a 16 lanes house with A-2 machines and frameworx scoring. I am relatively new to this field with a bit less than 2 years and no prior experience.

    On lane 16 my flat screen frequently goes white with horizontal lines while the overhead Ceronix monitor comes on fine. I replaced the touchscreen, and the video card on the lane pair computer to no avail.

    Unplugging the box under the lane (Frameworx Touchworx Control Unit) sometimes restores it and sometimes only resetting the lane pair computer on the wall in the back restores it.

    Any suggestions?
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    Update, I have also replaced the I/O board on the LGP computer. Reinstalled the software as well, my next step will be the console option board under the ball lift. Just have to have a night we are not booked to the hilt.


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      Yet another update. I have replaced all boards in the processor located under the floor near the ball returns. Command, audio, console and power supply boards. Results were that it worked better (survived long enough to put names in and start bowling at minimum, and sometimes would last several hours) but now, a few weeks later I am back to it dying within a few minutes of initial startup. If reset by unplugging the unit under the floor, it lasts a few minutes, but a reset of the main computer tends to last longer.
      Thought it might be a heat issue, as it seems to be getting worse as the temps rise, but it is inconsistent. As I have replaced all seven boards and connections seem solid, I am running out of ideas.
      I have replaced the touchscreen to no avail, and old screen works fine on other lanes.
      Oddly enough, when I work on it, I can run it for hours with out losing the screen, but once I release it to play, well, it seems it immediately begins giving problems. I initially tested it with the unit above the floor, but once I began to suspect heat, I changed my procedure and tested it sealed below the floor. It still works well for me, but not once customers start using it.
      Maybe it just hates me?
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        Replace the console control pcb to that lane. It's the small rectangular board inside the silver box under the lane. Also make sure your jumpers match with the one you're replacing


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          Cherokee Lanes, Thanks, but I already replaced all seven boards,(I rotated the old boards when there was no improvement, and even replaced the audio board as the signal goes across it), plus the main video cable to the curtain wall computer. We did find a short in a connector on the power board, and replaced the connector, as it would blank the screen when wiggled. Unfortunately, that only made it a bit more stable, (as did replacing the cable) now it will run about an hour before it cuts out. We are currently looking at the transformer as lane fifteen is beginning to exhibit problems similar to the ones on sixteen, the screen blanks but recovers. I'm fairly sure it is in the silver processor box and the only thing not replaced is the transformer, and all other wires pass the 'wiggle test,' the head mechanic and the former head mechanic are in consensus on this so we will see.
          This lane was a problem for him as well, and has been an electrical and mechanical problem child for years before I started.

          Thanks again for the suggestion is greatly appreciated!

          I will update after the part arrives, as we don't have a spare transformer.....

          off topic:
          I just end up doing most of the computer work as I built a few gaming systems and everyone thinks I'm a lot better than I am, My boss tends to break connectors and hates working with the computers but is one of the finest mechanics I've ever worked with. He's a Harley mechanic with a shop on the side and a hell of a fabricator. I'm just the resident nerd.

          Been a hell of an education, went from auto mechanic to truck driver to bowl mechanic, so I sometimes find myself over my head.
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            thats interesting. You can always swap parts with a known working one to rule it out as well. I would suggest moving the monitor itself and even swapping the i/o board from the LGP to a different lane. If you swap multiple parts at the same time, then make sure you use different lanes so you can isolate the problem to where it moves.


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              Cherokee Lanes Yeah, I already did the I/O board swap, along with the Remote Video card with lane 9, as it was down for a few days getting a transmission replaced....
              We swapped all boards with known good ones, one at a time. And a brand-new cable from the Video card to the box..
              Yesterday we put in a new transformer (been waiting on it for 5 weeks, kept getting back ordered) . Now I just have to get the bowl desk to actually put someone on 16 to test it out. they are a little gun-shy. And some business would help, 101F and everyone is at the lake.....


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                Aaaargh! Seems like the more we do, the worse it gets. Now both 15 and 16 screens are going blank, it was 16 only before.
                We have replaced the touchscreen on 16, I/O board, Remote Video board, cable between RMB and the computer under the touchscreens, all 7 boards in the underground computer and the power transformer.....

                (pulls hair out in big bloody clumps)


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                  Just start moving everything associated to different pairs and log which part went where. When the problem moves you've identified the problem. Try swapping the entire LGP with a different pair. The problem is somewhere. If your boards seem to work you might try swapping the main motherboard. Sometimes you can move a board over to another slot on the motherboard and the problem disappears.


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                    Did you happen to try swapping hardrives. They do have the flatscreen comman and maybe it has an issue somewhere. My best guess would be a bad molex pin or connector that controls your video. Be the 9 pin connector that plugs in. I assume your touch still works.
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