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AS90 lower scoring console not staying powered up


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  • AS90 lower scoring console not staying powered up

    I have as90 scoring system.
    one pair of lanes lower scoring console is not working.
    The AC board stays on for a second.
    I replaced the AC board, the as90 board, and the 5 volt power supply.
    Also bypassed the switch for the power to the AC board
    Not sure what to do next
    any help would be appreciated
    Thanks, Dave

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    Swap out the complete tray with the ac/pcb, 5 volt power supply and transformer as a unit with one from a working lane.


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      Now that you have replaced the AC panel with 5v power supply, verify that the consol is getting exactly 5v at the test point on the CPU board. Only a small margin of error is tolerated or monitors will shut down.
      If you need instructions on how to test for 5v let me know. It is also mentioned more than once in this firum


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