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Lane running out of time with opposite lane still having time


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  • Lane running out of time with opposite lane still having time

    Having a slight issue with our Vector Plus ver. 5.138.1. Its an issue regarding adding time to lanes for games. We have 10 lanes, and just began our fall leagues. Noticed last week during leagues that after adding time to all ten lanes one of the lanes time did not match up with all the other lanes and ended up running out of time then shutting down. I added more time and went on with the night. Next day co worker had same issue. Any thoughts?

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    Instead of adding the time as a bulk/all at once action, try only doing a pair at a time and see what happens. Should not matter, but at least you'll notice more info to see where the problem is.


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      So I added time to the suspect lane and still having same issue. When I add time to all ten lanes they all start off with the same amount. Lane eight for some reason runs out of time faster than the others.


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        We have leagues tonight..added time to all of the lanes that had league bowlers on them (3through10) With 50 minutes still left in the game all the screens turned yellow. Lane 8 said it had 5 mins left. Any ideas? Bad motherboards


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          Couple things to check .... what is the setting for assigning lanes -- pre pay, post pay, by game, by hour? If one of the lanes does not match up, there might be conflict. I believe the whole center should be set to only one mode of payment/assignment. This is controlled in the SETUP tab under SETTINGS in the top of the main page.

          What league system you using? We use BLS and time is not an issue because the program runs by the number of games set in the rules; when league is opened, the only thing on time is the practice.

          If in OPEN PLAY, adding time during practice versus during scoring will affect when the system applies it.


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            We do not use a league system..we just do open play and give each team two hours to play two games. Its not a serious league, more to just get locals in during our off season as we are located in a ski town. I've tried setting up league play through the Vector program but find it a bit confusing. Maybe that's the issue we are having. We initially set everyone up with two hours and then 15 minutes of practice. After there practice session they end up with about 1:45-1:50 of time remaining. Maybe adding the practice time is having an effect on it? Not to sure didn't notice it really being an issue in the past.


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              When I do corporate events, normally I will just use open play as well. I always throw on too many minutes in the Lane Shutdown section of the Open Play window. Which actually just made me think of another option -- is your Automatic Shut Down box marked there in the bottom left corner? Ours is, but we sell our lanes by the hour, so we just put the time amount in the box and it'll take care of itself from there. Maybe, as a test you uncheck it and see how the lanes behave..?


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