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Beep codes.


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  • Beep codes.

    The centre I'm working at has Frameworx using motherboards with AMI bios and 486-66 DX2 processors. I had a lane pair go down the other night. Com errors on the front desk and the screens were frozen on the consoles and the overheads. I powered down the console with the CPU. When I powered the console back on, it beeped once, and then after about 5 seconds it beeped twice. None of the screens came on. I waited 5 minutes and cycled the power again. Same beeps as before. I left the console powered down overnight. When the day mechanic looked at it he said he powered it up and it started up right away.
    So, my question is, does anyone know what the beep codes mean and can anyone take a guess as to why leaving the console powered down overnight "fixed" it?
    Bobbie Bees

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    2 beeps on AMI bios usually means the RAM is bad.
    Try using a different stick of ram and see if that helps.


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      Sometimes simply reseating RAM cards fixes RAM related problems. The same goes for ROM chips because of the expansion and contraction of the components when they heat up and cool down.
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