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AS80 upper monitor scoring grid backwards


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  • AS80 upper monitor scoring grid backwards

    I got a scoring grid on a upper that like needs to be rotated 90 degrees by flipped it up.. WT I have never seen this before. Decode, RGB and High voltage all good from working pair. I check all connections to see if one prong was not hookup. All is good. Numbers backwards on bottom of grid and numbers going up backwards on left side.

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    I got it fixed. Went back to double check connections and to see if I was off 1 prong but wasnt.

    I found a repair man for boards at Bowling Scorer Technology Inc. Mike 321-254-7849

    Want to give him a shout for taking my call right away and helping with trouble shooting the issue. Thank You very much. Him and Don have been the main repairmen in the states. Didn't know that until today.


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      What was the problem. Just curious.


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        I believe just a bad connection on one of the molexs.
        All I did was remove replace connectors and all
        snug tight flat to board.


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