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  • as90 problem

    Overheads on lanes 1 & 2 go on and off randomly when lanes are on. Scoring properly but will shut down overhead then will come back on and display score. No problem with lower console.

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    It sounds like your loosing main power to the overhead cabinet itself more than video signals. Check all the power connections from the ceiling to the cabinet itself. If I remember correctly these cabinets had some issues with the main power fuse holders being bad, the relay sockets (relays were a problem also, they would stick on when the lanes were off) were know to have issues too but normally it would be a single monitor that would cycle on and off by itself and not both displays at the same time.

    If this problem was cause by a loss of video signal at the monitor (flaky 5 volt power supply in console) the monitors would cycle into time out display (blank display with background color only) for 20-30 seconds before shutting down. Since you posted that they are "going on and off", this makes me think it's a main power problem. Post back if I'm assuming the wrong thing here.


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