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AS-90 problems


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  • AS-90 problems

    I am having problems with our old as-90 scoring system, it looks fine from the front desk but when you go to the console it says "lineup not present contact front desk" and sometimes it once cleared and set to open bowl it will pop up "no lineup present" msg then go into open bowl and will allow the bowler to enter names and start bowling.
    second once this console is bowling it goes in to the 4 frame scoring and looks wonky the grid is there but all the letters and numbers are messed up but it looks fine if you set it to 10 frame mode and I am told by other staff that the console is resetting itself mid game
    obviously there are limited replacement parts for this scoring system available so i am looking for some suggestions/help
    we only have 8 lanes so having 2 down for scoring issues is bad.

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    I can only add you should reboot the back office every day.
    This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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      Have you tried swapping the I/O, CPU tray with another console? Does the problem follow the tray you moved?


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        Originally posted by Griz View Post
        Have you tried swapping the I/O, CPU tray with another console? Does the problem follow the tray you moved?
        Dont forget to change dip switch if you make this move


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          I should add that I was thrown into the fire so to speak last week I had never worked on or really even seen a pinspotter , I've been bowling since I was ten but never thought I'd be repairing these systems. I have worked as an automotive mechanic and a computer technition and have schooling in electronics engineering. That said I'm not sure about how to reboot the back office or exactly what that refres to. I have swapped out the two boards in the tray with spares that I can not verify work properly.

          thanks for your input


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            You may be looking at an issue with the five volt power supply. If you have the service manual for the scorers it will detail the procedure for checking/setting the supply at the CPU board (test point). These scorers are getting real old and need lots of TLC to keep them going.

            These power supplies are available from electronic supply house for less than $100.00, but don't come with the harness. You can reuse the old harness or build a new one from available parts (Molex connector bodies and pins), all parts are still available.

            If you don't have a service manual, maybe someone here can get you a PDF version for download. BrunsWick doesn't make it available anymore, though the parts manuals are still available on their website.


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              It's always best to swap in a tray (containing the two boards) with another console that is known to be working correctly. If the problem moves with the tray then you split the two boards and install them in two different console to see where your problem pops up again. That will be the board you have to replace. Make notes and tape them to the boards so you don't get mixed up. When you swap out an I/O board (the one on the left as you raise the console hood) you'll have to set the lane assignment dip switch. It's the switch you'll see through the larger cut out in the metal cover. There are 8 little switches that are positioned "on" or "off" to assign the correct lane number to the console. Make sure when you remove a tray or just the I/O board that you write down which switches were on and what ones were off. The new tray or I/O board that is installed on that lane must have the switches in the same position. Just use a small screw driver to carefully slid them to the right setting. Let us know how you make out.


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                I do have the service manual but I find it somewhat lacking on the trouble shooting end of things


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                  and I found that this system was not what my manuals indicated they were it is not an ask90 it is a as90c system I was able to find new to us boards, and with a little help from a fellow in florida who rebuilds these systems I have all of my scorers up and running
                  thanks for the help guys


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                    It’s my guess that ASK (what I have) doesn’t have an AS90 board in bottom near the console floor. It talks to back office systems which you apparently have.
                    It makes me think AS90c means an AS90 with color screens, not monochrome.
                    I’m betting your CPU PCBoard was faulty.


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