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  • sync and pinball wizard

    we have just switched from vector to sync. and issues i didnt have with bumpers i seem to have now. brunswick says its mechanical. they determine this analogy from over the phone. i can take my small handheld automated bumper remote control box and they go up and down just fine. they all worked fine with vector. does anyone know what could get sync in sync with pinball wizard? cause im getting very disgusted!

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    what are the problems you are having? We also had issues, some was software, some was adjusting cams and correcting missing or stretched springs on bracket assembly
    If the rails slam down and the cams are not set it will "red line" bumpers also missing springs. also it will make bumpers come when you issue the lane, it thinks there is a jam, little Johnny has his foot caught in bumper and safety pops up bumper.
    Let us know
    PS hope your SYCK scoring starts up is smother than ours! Good Luck


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      Chief, im glad im not crazy like they seem to think! I thought i was only one having issues. i had no problem with vector except normal adjustments and cleaning out under rails to keep from popping up. now one day they work fine then next they come up stay up and the headache begins. most of the time i dont see what actually transpiers so dont know the issue. sometime i think its operator error. does the sync scoring somehow make pinball wizard more sensitive? cause problem wasnt there with vector.lane seven i adjusted everything, it worked 100% fine for a week or so. then back to not working again. they come up redline. Then jump threw ten hoops to get back in sync lol
      i got on phone with brunswick for about 3 hours while they talked me through different senarios and they updated all firmware and cycled bumpers remotley from michigan and they work fine. then i cycle all lanes about every morning they work fine then during weekend i get notes 5-10 different bumpers dont ready to put a push button like beside the reset for bowlers to put up and down as needed lmao! the owner says big no!


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        All of the Sync firmware issues have been fixed. I do have 2 lanes that i am always adjusting 5 and 15. Im at a point where I will replace the motor and assembly. it works fine If I use it with my control box and cycling it through the tablet. What i have found is if the rail hits to hard when they drop it triggers the safety switch causing bumper to go up and red lining it. that is also why they are up in the morning. I ask that the desk clear a red line, It can also be triggered if a ball hits the end of bumper in the up position triggering red line. And if it clears then it's ok but if it rered lines then an adjustment is needed. Yes they are more issues then vector but theres no going back. I am thinking of cushioning when they drop with some foam to keep them from slamming down but i'm in the middle of major remodel and have not had anytime to "play" with them.


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