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brunswick framworx scoring problem


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  • brunswick framworx scoring problem

    I just took a center over that has Brunswick Frameworx scoring and I know very little about it
    -so I have 3 pair the will not score on the right lane but will score on the left lane just fine
    -I've swapped ccds,ball detects interface boxes for working lanes and have check continuity to all wires and still cant figure out what's wrong
    -when the scanner is plugged in nothing open/closes on the right lane

    any help would be appreciated

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    check 1st/2nd ball light switch, check zero degree and 44-140 degree switches. Also if you have NPS box attached to detector, check cable from it to the pinsetter interface.

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      You need zero switch closed AND a ball detect to start a scoring cycle.

      The scoring will post the score when you get a take data signal from the 44/144 switch.
      44 degress on first ball, and at 144 degrees on second ball.

      The zero switch should be on the sweep shaft, and the 44/144 switch should be on the table shaft.

      You should be able to watch the operation of the switches and detects on your camera tester/alignment screen.


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        there are no switches on any of the shafts at this center only switch is the one the sweep comes in contact with at 0 degrees


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          There has to be some kind of switch on the machine to tell the scoring when to accept the pinfall.
          Now that I think about it, the 44/144 may be on the sweep shaft too.

          You might have the large switch with a spring loaded lever on the sweep arm.
          But there has to be another switch somewhere, and it will probably be smaller (think cherry switch) and run against a small cam.


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            the only switch I've seen it the one on the sweep arm …...I've been learning the scoring as I go ..can you point me in the area the switch ,ay be because I've looked on both table/sweep shafts and do not see it and I've looked at the cams and don't see it around there either


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              yes I have the sweep switch on the sweep arm but that's the only one I have seen and I have double checked both sweep/table shafts to see if I have over looked it and don't see anything and I have also checked around the cams and didn't see anything


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                Only other thing I can think of is to check the scoring delay in the camera settings,
                Check the other working lanes to verify that its the same.
                Also check the pinsetter type in the setup.

                I dont remember where these settings are at, its been too long.


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                  If you have a triggering board in your pinsetter electrical box, there should be a 3 conductor cable plugged in just to the right of the fuse. The other end should be plugged into the ball detector.
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                    The ball detectors plug into 1 cable and that cable runs to the timing board . Which I have replace with multiple from lanes that work and it still does nothing


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                      If you have never been able to locate the switches then go to the CCD on a good pair of lanes. Trace all the cables on the right lane to see where each one goes. Keep tracing through every component they go to. Then compare to the lanes that aren't working to make sure they both have the same equipment. It could be a situation where somebody robbed from one machine to fix another.

                      Maybe consider posting some pictures of your equipment and cable connections at the boards to see if anyone can maybe notice something that's off.

                      Edit: Your profile shows 82-70. Is that correct?


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                        ExMECH- we have traced all the wires to the right lane Machine. And yes I do have 82-70


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                          And looking through the Brunswick book for frameworxs with amf 82/70 with mp chassis .it all Refers to the switch’s on the sweep and table shaft which I do not have


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                            If you have the same equipment on working and non working lanes then whatever setup you have But if your setup is different than in the manual its not the end of the world but we just need to figure out what you have. Bottom line is you need a zero (rake up) signal to reset the scoring to accept a ball trigger. Then you need a signal (one for ball 1 and another for ball 2) to tell the camera when to take the picture.

                            You should have cables going from the CCD to the AMF interface shown below. They then go on to each pinspotter. Lane 2 would be similar to lane 1 but the detail just isn't shown for lane 2. Coming into the interface board on each side are the cables for each machine. On the right you see the setup for lane 1. Pins 1, 2 and 3 go out to the 3 switches in question that are highlighted by red boxes. So on your machine, Where do these wires go?????? For lane 2 you will note that it's the wires connected to pins 7, 8 and 9.

                            It could also be that we are chasing the wrong ghost. Have you hooked up the scanner tester to see what the status of the switches are at the appropriate times of the cycle?
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