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Vector Scoring with 82-70 Hard Drive Change


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  • Vector Scoring with 82-70 Hard Drive Change

    I have a question about the Brunswick vector scoring with AMF 8270 machines. I had to replace the hard drive in the 1-8 computer. We also had the red bars across and went into VP mechanics and did the start stop. Everything came back online after the refresh. My question now is, no matter what lane you bowl on 1-8 it shows all strikes. Any suggestions.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    I believe you have to re-configure and re-calibrate everything. From the manual:

    "In addition to the programming, the hard drive stores current game information, and contains files that store lane number information to identify what lanes the computer controls, the configuration and calibration settings for the lanes, commercials that can be displayed when the lanes are off, and the exciter graphics and animations that are used during bowling. This information must be reprogrammed anytime the hard disk is replaced."
    Hard Drive Yes 1. For PATA drives verify the confg jumper on the drive is set to CS position.
    2. Verify the drive is detected by the Motherboard Bios.
    3. Set Scorer Computer confguration using the Confguration Menu at the
    console (Default Password: Keypads = /Vector, Flatscreens = 939393)
    4. Download Updated software from the Server Computer. (Scorer Update)
    5. Download Commercials From the Server Computer. (Scorer Update)
    6. Download Multimedia from the Server Computer. (Scorer Update)
    7. Synchronize the control desk and Scorer Computer information.
    8. Calibrate the Camera’s (if installed) for all lanes associated with the hard
    drive using the Pin Settings page at the control Desk
    9. Calibrate each touchscreen for lanes associated with the hard drive using
    using the Confguration Menu at the console.
    (Default Password: Keypads = /Vector, Flatscreens = 939393)
    10. Enable automated bumpers (if installed) using confg.exe program at server.

    This is some of the information. Do you have a copy of the service manual?


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      I had to print out what I can find on the net until they find there manual. I did 1, 2, for sure. 3 I was able to get in and copied the other computers configurations from 9-16's console. 4- 6 about downloading not sure about. Do you do that through the console? I noticed the 1-8 score colors had change from the other lanes when they where on. 7 not sure how to sync the control desk and computer. We might have done that when we did the VP mechanics. We are able to turn on and off the machines with the control desk. We put the names in, throw a ball and it counts as a strike no matter how many pins you knock down. We went into the camera settings and tried to set the markers up for the pins. Mean time, I read that you have to change the dark and night settings on the cameras, which we haven't done yet. Could that be the problem? I know it seems that it didn't sync all the way because of the different colors screens but not sure. This is my first time working on Brunswick Vector Scoring since I came off of the old Accu Score units lol. 9 we don't have the touch screens at the consoles, just key pads. I appreciate your help in the matter.. Let me know what you think.


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        Here is a link to the document I referenced. General discussion starts on page 35 then picks up again around page 50 and continues through about page 68 where it talks about the replacing the drive, backing up, configuring, etc.

        The rest of the documents can be found here. Take a look at the one on the camera for help configuring it.

        Keep us informed how it's going.


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          Question? When it says Select the desired Scoring Computer from the drop-down list on the topleft of the window. To backup a configuration, click “Backup Configuration”. To restore a previously backed up configuration, click “Restore Configuration.” Refer to the figure titled Scorer Configuration. So when it says restore a previous backup would the server have the old hard drive info to restore the new drive? I was just wondering. I did all the configuring for the first link you sent me.


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            It would depend on whether you ever did a backup. You should backup whenever your done configuring so if a hard drive crashes you can just select restore from backup and you wouldn't have to configure everything again. I suspect your problem is in the camera configuration. This would all be lost when you changed the hard drive.


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              I am going to start with the camera configuration first and go from there.


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                Sounds good. Let us know how it's going. I don't think your to far off from working,


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                  Ok here is what I found on the Brunswick vector system. The delay time was off on lanes 1- 8 . It was saying something like 280190 in the delay box. I started with 1500 and it worked like a charm. Now problem is I went to adjust 3 and 4's camera ans it saying camera is not connected. I pulled the camera cover and shows no lights and everything is plugged in. Could the camera board be bad?


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                    Ok I figured out the issue with the scoring unit.I couldn't get the scoring unit to see the camera's on 7 and 8. The system said unable to connect to the camera's. The problem was with the graphics card that each camera was connected too.


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                      Glad to hear that you found it. Thanks for posting back what you found. It can help others with similar problems in the future.


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