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Brunswick A2 Scoring/ Ball Detect Problem Please Help!!


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  • Brunswick A2 Scoring/ Ball Detect Problem Please Help!!

    So recently I had a pair of lanes stop scoring. I did the usual stuff like reboot, clear n/v, etc.. I replaced all my boards in the lane tower. Mother board, I/O board, video cards, nothing worked. I replaced my scorer board above the machine along with the pinsetter I/O board. Nothing. Also my ball detect lights are staying on. I tried adjusting but they never go off. Even if i stick a reflector right up to it. It's a mess. I've only been doing this about 5 years. This is my first time dealing with something like this, so I know I am probably over looking something. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Sounds like the ball detector. The detector uses a transmitter and a receiver that shoot the light out back in a triangular shape so holding a second reflector right up to the unit won't allow proper focus. The reflector needs to be some distance away to reflect the transmitted light back into the receiver.

    Since the beam is infrared you can't see it with your eye, however you can see it with a cell phone camera. Use a cell phone or other digital camera to make sure the ball detect is transmitting a beam out. This will look like a light on your camera screen.

    If the led is bad then you won't pick up a light on the cell phone camera. Since the light has to be present on the receiver, if it's not working then the indicator lights will stay on all the time.

    If you are getting an infrared light showing up on your phone camera, then I would follow the alignment procedures in the book. If you don't have any luck there, then I would consider swapping the ball detect and the data processing module with known good units and make sure your questionable ones work on other lanes.


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      I assume you have this information but if not this may show what to look for. Post back with what you find.
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        I think I remember seeing this once upon a time, Based on your post you have changed all of your down lane components, Camera Processor and IO?

        Once you have ruled out ball detects, if the issue persists I would look closely at your cables connecting components. I have seen them get chaffed by bowling ball or even a rake arm causing some wacky stuff to happen.
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          When you plug your ccd processor tester in. What does it show? Try unplugging your ccd processor for 10 seconds then plug it back in to reset it and see if the ball detects work again. Also, after rebooting the ccd processor do all the LEDs turn back off signaling no error?


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            Yes I have changed the camera processor and IO. And when i plug ccd scanner in it shows nothing, a black screen, but I know it works because I've used it on different lanes, And I have tried rebooting the ccd processor, but it gives me random patterns of LEDs all on a constant loop. And the little brown box below the ccd processor that has the green and yellow light only has the green lit. I cant get the yellow to light up. I just got done replacing the LAN cable that goes from the front tower to the back, but still got same result


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              Sounds like you may have a power supply problem. Check your input voltage on J1 and then also your output voltages on J2. They should correspond to items 2 and 5 in the figure below.
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                if it's FrameWorx... Secondary Power supply in the even numbered console
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                  That was it ProTech appreciate it man!


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