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  • Vector scoring

    so right now I have a problem with my vector scoring, I have 8 lanes that went off line, so I rebooted in the back and they came back on , but only to turn off again in about 15 min. I called Brunswick and they said to replace the power supply, but if that doesn’t work is there anything else I can look at to get this resolved.

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    If the power supply is bad, cooling fan bad, whatever -- they will shut down as you've described. 40 bucks online you can get a proper replacement in a day.
    i have not seen an 8 bank shut down for anything other than bad power supply. when motherboard went out, the power supply would still run, just system wouldn't operate/ experience.


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      We had a similar problem last month. Our lanes 9-16 slave would lock up on us, after a hard reboot, would come
      back on for a couple minutes and then lock up again. We replaced the power supply, still ended up happening. Same with the hard drive, didn’t solve the issue. We ended up replacing the entire slave with a spare one we had from another center and Brunswick helped program it remotely. Good luck with yours! Please post a solution when you find one!



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        Thanks , right now I’m waiting for a mother board I ordered, I’m going to try that next.


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