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AS90 Comline issues


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  • AS90 Comline issues

    OK. Issue is 1 lower monitor wont come on. Swap cables on CPU board. Both monitors now came on. Swapped cables back. Go to desk pair is comlined. Go back to reboot IO CPU boards turn lowers on with key and reboot. Clear comline. Turn pair on and no monitors and comline. So I swapped AS90 control, IO CPU tray and AC boards with working ones from another pair. Problem dont move. The boards I swap from bad pair all work in other pair. Got 5 volts at CPU board. So I leave that pair and go to another pair where the CCD processor board has all LEDS lite in board. Reset breaker on front and LEDS go away and put pair on hold with monitors on to text for an hour to see if breaker for scoring on AC board kicks. Nope. Take off hold and go to check scoring and 1 lane is in league and locked up. Reboot. all good. Turn on and now that pair goes into comline and lowers wont come on. So thats where Im at.

    Turned on other pairs and working fine. Just those 2 pairs go into comline and no lowers. Last week I had another pair that kicked the scoring breaker on it and reset it twice in 2 days and now working fine.

    By swapping boards in one pair and same problem in another pair ccould it be 2 bad spots in the LIU board ? Stumped.

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    Basically this is it. Turn on both pairs and they go into comline and lowers will not come on. I can turn lowers on and they work and scoring works too on both pairs.
    We will use with key on and figure out why comlines. Thinking LIU or issue with Comline wires to 2 pairs but that I cant see. Any help out there ?


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      Fixed. Dufes changed a 90 control board and set dip switch to 4 instead of 3 and was telling desk to turn on 2 pairs same time.


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