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Classic Scoring Slave Not working


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  • Classic Scoring Slave Not working

    Is anyone here familiar with Classic Scoring and how to configure/fix slaves?

    The Earthquake here in Alaska knocked a few of our slaves over and we are having trouble getting Slave 1 to turn on the lanes from the front desk. We can “turn on” all 24 lanes and if shows names on the monitors but doesn’t actually turn the machines on.

    any help would be appreciated since Brunswick support was no help.

    my cell is 907-775-7869 if anyone can call and assist.



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    Slave 1 should turn on lanes 1-8. Do lanes 9-24 turn on ?
    There is light at the end of the tunnel - just be sure it is not a train.


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      There is a rather small board of the brand Moxa. It got a ribbon cable with 20 conductors soldered to it. Make sure it is properly inserted in it's slot. It is generally easiest to remove the screw, then lift the board and reinsert it. It is difficult to see if it is sitting well just by looking. The ribbon cable must be properly inserted in the ANP board at the side of the computer in the connector marked "Distribution and GSX".

      What is the serial number of your computer? It is a small label with a number staring with the letter B, then 3 or 4 digits.


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        did you got any media or new CD ? We got same problem. Hard disk failure and now we lost all connection with oure lanes. We closed bowling ally and will open as soon we get new classic system running.


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