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Scorer Hdd for slave2


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  • Scorer Hdd for slave2

    I have a problem. On a slave2 computer, I've been "breathing out" the HDD. I had a spare disc for my slave1 computer. I changed the IP address, and the computer name (Slave2). Now in Vector 3.0 I see the green colored paths. Through the Vector program, you can reboot all 12 tracks. It does not work for me (7 to 12) - slave2, that is, turning the tracks, fences ... I suppose I still lack some setup for sending the slave command2. Has anyone already had a similar case and how did he save him?



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    Install the new HDD, and unplug the network cable.
    Go to the front, pick one of the lanes on that slave and configure the slave number, starting lane number, and number of lanes.
    (Procedure is in the manual - I think its /vector from any keypad to access it.).
    Go into the back, connect the network cable and reboot.
    The server should find the slave at that point.
    Update all software, commercials, adjust all cameras and light levels.


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      I inserted a backup hdd for the computer on the computer 2. I corrected: the new name is computer 2 (slave2) and the IP address was set by (the computer 1 has the IP address
      Now I have to go to the computer where Vector 3.0 is installed? I do not think I have this program to set the starting line number and number of lanes. I searched the web, but I should have this setup program ... but I do not have this. I have Vector version 3.0 (3,0,3,6433). But is this done from any other way? Please explain me more in detail, because you understand these settings.



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        Go to one of the keypads in the bowlers area that is on slave 2.
        Type "/VECTOR" and you should get the configuration screen for that slave on the overhead monitor..


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          Vector Manual:


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            Ok, thx for tips and information.




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              Hello ... here I am back ...

              It looks like I have an older version of Vector ... I found only the Config.exe program that offered me some settings ... I send pictures ( all 12 lines)

              all 12 lanes.jpg

              here I detect both computers (Slave 1 and Slave 2)


              score 2.jpg

              but for slave 2 the parameters are from lane 1 to lane 6 ... because this is a backup hdd from slave1 ...

              I suppose that in slave 2, the schedule from track 7 should be up to 12 lanes (we have 12 lanes).

              score2 data1.jpg

              but when I change to slave2 line 1 to line 7, and when I change the COM port to 14 (so COM ports are rising at lines 1-6) ...

              score2 data2.jpg


              and when I change in the other window parameters for the console 7 and the COM port for the Keyboard, then I can not save the parameters because it tells me that COM 14 is already in use ... the same happens with the Merge option or Delete ... and then I do not save the settings and I'm spinning in a circle ... another version of my Vectro program 10 years ago


              I wonder if it would be easier with ScorerConfigurationUtility.exe or if it was even possible to set up Slave 2? I do not have this program, if you have anywhere near me, you can send it to me ...



              p.s. if the images are too big, they warn me to resize them the next time ...


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