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Classic V2 Camera delay issue


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  • Classic V2 Camera delay issue

    Running Classic V2 and experiencing scoring issues due to slow fall pins. When adjusting the delay I found that it doesn't matter, 1 or 9999. The camera triggers as soon as the sweep starts moving. I've gone through the hardware, sweep detector switches are working (at least on the lanes I've checked), wiring to the distribution board is correct and pulling wires triggers the LED indicators on the board. I'm getting the feeling there is a box I need to check at the front desk computer to indicate sweep detector switches are installed, but I can't find anything in the menus or the manuals.
    Any ideas?

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    If you use a sweepdetector on that lane, check the installation of the micro switch on the sweep motor. Set the delaytime in Pin Settings menu, it is in milliseconds so the value could be around 2000. If this is not working Classic will automatically use the settings in Settings/ Machine, the setting for this could be 3000-4000 milliseconds and the scoring starts before the sweep moves. Note that all setting changes will not activate immidiatly.


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      Yep, micro switch in the sweep detectors are working. Tweeking the settings in Settings/Machine today as a bandaid til I figure this out.
      Old Settings:
      SlowBall- 5500
      FastBall- 1000
      SpeedLimit- 11

      New Settings:
      SlowBall- 4500
      FastBall- 2500
      SpeedLimit- 18

      If anyone has a recommended setting that would help me find a medium between pins getting in front of the sweep and scoring slow fall pins, I would appreciate any input.


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        Check the stored camera-pictures for that lane, the sweet point is when the sweep is down and the table is not yet in the picture. If the machine do not start mecanically it will always use the settings Slow and Fast (depending on the ball speed), the idea here is that it should be as fast as possible to avoid pins rolling out on the lane. But if it is put to low the ball will still be on the lane. If the pin machines are the same for all lanes you should do small changes in the setup. The sweep motor could be coasting, that can also cause that the camera-picture is not in sync withe the scoring system, check the stored camera-pictures. The speed indication is not so accurate, at least you should see that the height of the sensors are the same on each lane.


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          Yep, before I posted the topic I went through the pics. I adjusted the delay time up 1000 at a time and checked pics looking for the sweep or table. Got up to 9999 and still scored immediately. It's not just one lane, it's the entire house. All 24 lanes will not use the camera delay time in Pin Settings. My only recourse at this point is to adjust the global settings I posted previously, until I can find out what's up with the program not checking the delay time in Pin Settings. If I find the solution I'll post it.


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            All settings will not change immidiatly to the slave-computers, some need a new F2-play, some need a computer restart, I am not familiar witch need what. A good idea is also to save everything twice. Try as a test to remove a wire for the cycle micro-switch for a lane, this will then use only the fast/ slow trigging. when that is ok you continue to use the normal triggers. You should also werify that the AMF will start with a ball trown at a speed that will be close to minimum on all lanes with the scoring-computer off.
            There is also a registry-value, HKEY_Current_user\Software\Resultatsystem\apsDelay . This dword value is set by the installation crew, the default value is around 1000 (millisconds) if the registry value is not given, in Finland these waries between centers, between 750 and 1150. This change need a restart to take effect, be careful with registry changes in general. This aps-delay is the delay between cycle of the AMF and when the aps-signal will be sent, this is easy to test by trowing a gutter ball to activate the sweep auto reverse function. The sweep-detector signal-lamp on the dist-card should activate when the sweep motor starts, try to test this with the manual crank when the motor has stopped in the normal up-postion.


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