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What toggles the lane to turn on inside the frameworks System


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  • What toggles the lane to turn on inside the frameworks System

    Hey Guys,

    I have a lane pair that the consoles turn on the machines stay off. I can turn on the lanes manually from the back with the on off switch and the mechanics override on the PSI i was hoping Someone knew what turned the machines on in the Framework System What board,Jumper,ect.

    i have tried swapping out the PSI from a different lane pair and still no go.
    I have checked all Plugs.
    i found that The black and White wires from the PS in the Even lane Console to the PSI were only giving 3.volts i checked another lane and i was getting 28 volts so i replaced the black and White wires which fixed the fault. now back to 28 volts at the PSI

    am i wrong to assume that it is something inside the LGP inside the console ? But the consoles boot up and have full network access from the front desk

    Any help would be Appreciated
    Tony S
    Splitsville Entertainment
    82-70 Machines
    Brunswick Frameworx scoring

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    Forgot to mention we are running vector+ front desk and running 82-70 pinsetters
    Tony S
    Splitsville Entertainment
    82-70 Machines
    Brunswick Frameworx scoring


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      There should be a pinsetter interface box in the back, seperate from the LGP.
      That is where the pinspotters power. reset, and switch cable go to.
      Start by double checking all connections there, and compare them to a working pair of lanes.


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