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Intermittent Scoring Issue


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  • Intermittent Scoring Issue

    Running Sync with A-2 Pinsetters. Have 1 lane that will score wrong intermittently. I would say on average we'll have 10 to 20 score corrections each league night. I've adjusted the camera settings numerous times and don't believe that to be the issue as all of my threshold numbers fit well within the correct range for the light levels on that lane. Rake does not drop slow. Most of the mis-scores are showing that a pin is still standing when there isn't. I've watched it mis-score and immediately pulled up the camera image and everything looks ok. Nothing to make you think it wouldn't score correctly. Anyone have any suggestions on what to look at next?

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    It has to be the ball detect, or the sweep switch.
    There is nothing else connected to the pinsetter.

    Check wiring to switch, and swap detect with another lane.


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      Oil on curtain. Picking up rake arms, drop sweep hood ??? We had to paint bottom of rakes and down sweeps flat black.
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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