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No Scoring or pinsetter power up- Frameworx


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  • No Scoring or pinsetter power up- Frameworx

    One pair has been giving us troubles intermittently for several months. The sympton currently is that the pinsetter wont come on after the names are put in. If you were to use the swithches for pinsetter power it wont score. The scorer appears normal otherwise - showing which person is up,ect. Another common problem with this pair has been not having any screens upper or lower, and then not rebooting up. The Bruns. Logo screen wont come back up after rebooting.

    The following components have been swapped with a know good pair and the problem has not followed this time.(previously had motherboard issues though) 1. Hard Drive, 2. I/O Board, 3. Motherboard, 4. Power Supply. In addition last night just b4 league we tried a VPS out of storage. (Didnt have time or an open pair to swap with) Same sympton remains. We got by last night with manual input of scores.

    To add to the confusion, the problems would often disapear(previously) after swapping a componenet. This has occured in recent weeks after swapping the I>O and the Hard drive. Then would work fine for several days. The inability to recreate the problem or have it follow a part is troubling.

    I believe the original issue started with a power supply swap over a year ago. It would not work with the LGP cover on???? Because of saftey concerns, I put the cover back on this summer and these Intermittent problems have come back. This pair worked fine for months with the cover off the LGP.

    I am going to look closely and cabeling and connections now. Maybe look for some kind of short with the cover or cabinet of the LGP.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: No Scoring or pinsetter power up- Frameworx

    In my experience when you get the problem with putting names in and pinsetters not coming on you have a comm issue. Usually for me I reseat the I/O board in the console and it will come back and work for awhile, repeat. When it gets to about once a week I put a new board in, send the other for repair.

    Have you put a good known working I/O in this pair? It looks like you have.
    Have you swapped the motherboard yet? or tried the I/O in a different slot? These slots do wear out and develop bad connections.

    Hard Drive doesn't have anything to do with communication, you can rule that out.

    Since your also have issues booting, I would be looking at your I/O board or Motherboard. Have you tried booting with the CMOS board in?

    The power supply issue is interesting. Are your LPU's in the consoles in the bowlers area or on the curtain wall? Is the power supply from brunswick?

    Also when this happens do you check the maintenance menu/ Test 485 Devices to see whats working?
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      Re: No Scoring or pinsetter power up- Frameworx

      Update on this scoring issue, sorry it took so long. After inspecting the cables and connections we found a bad wire connection at the "break out" that was installed for the auto bumpers. This now makes sense why the problem was related to the LGP cover because of the position of the board and the cable.

      I feel fairly confident this is the issue, though this lane pair has fooled us b4. Only time will tell.

      Mechitron, thanks for the input. Our LGP is on the curtain wall, and yes the 485 test is used in diagnosis. The test shows the IO has not been present when problems have occurred. At least sometimes - there have been ongoing issues, as I mentioned. This also makes the "breakout" suspicious as that connects the bumper circuitry to the IO PCB.

      I 'll keep my fingers crossed.


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        Re: No Scoring or pinsetter power up- Frameworx

        Yep that could definitely cause problems. If you want to eliminate the Break out board as a problem you can connect your original I/O cable to the I/O board and bypass the bumpers. Everything will work except for the bumpers.

        You should have 3 cables that could fit on the I/O board. 2 goto the breakout board and 1 goes to the I/O. your original cable will be the only cable by itself. The other 2 cables will be joined together at some point, those go to the bumper box. Basically with the bumpers, The I/O comes into the LGP, then goes to the breakout board to goto the bumper box, the bumper box then sends it back to the I/O board.

        Should everything work with the bumpers disconnected you probably have a problem with the breakout board, the bumper box, or the extra cables dropped for the bumper box. I've seen all 3 happen before.

        Good Luck and let me know how everything goes!
        A Clean machine is a Happy machine.


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          Re: No Scoring or pinsetter power up- Frameworx

          So far there has been no issues after securing that cable at the breakout board. Thanks again for all the help.


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            Wow. Here it is 2019.

            We had severe thunderstorms the other day, now ALL but one pair of lanes has this same issue. (24 lane center)

            Is is it possible that the thunderstorms knocked out EACH I/O board/motherboard/interface board?

            Hopefully this downtime will convince the owner it’s time to upgrade.


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              It could be as simple as 1 LGP causing a network problem.
              Shutdown all pairs at same time and let them set for about 30 seconds.
              This includes clients, server, and any network hubs/switches.
              Give any stray static a chance to dissipate.

              Restart the hubs/switches first, then the server.
              Let the server boot up completely, then start the clients.
              Once those are running restart each LGP one at a time.
              Give each LGP a couple minutes to boot up and go back online.
              Hopefully, just the power down fixes any glitches.


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                I have a problem with scoring. on lanes 9 and 10 sharing the same camera the scoring is not always accurate. most common problem is when a strike is scored it comes up with a 9.


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