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    Anybody know much about Sync?
    Why no separate Sync" Forum

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    I don't know much about it, I doubt too many people outside of Brunswick do, it was only released in the last year or a little more.

    That being said...Do you have any specific questions about it?
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      If you are looking for answers from consumers, contact the people at Royal Pin bowling centers in Indianapolis. They are large centers with busy customer bases and have recently had the system installed....

      They should be courteous enough to answer questions


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        Originally posted by jday View Post
        Anybody know much about Sync?
        Why no separate Sync" Forum
        Sync does not need a separate forum as it is a Brunswick scoring product therefore it falls under the Brunswick Scoring forum.

        If we had a separate forum for every single type of scoring system ever made it would be absolute insanity.

        AMF scoring forum covers all AMF scoring
        Brunswick scoring forum covers all Brunswick scoring
        Qubica scoring forum covers all Qubica scoring


        It's possible that there are so few posts about this scoring system because of the simple fact that it is so new and not many centers yet have it or experience any problems that might come up. Be patient, if things go wrong surely someone will post in the Brunswick scoring forum.

        ..... and I'm sure something will go wrong sometime soon and someone will post, not every scoring system is perfect.


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          ^And all new scoring systems from QubicaAMF go in the Qubica forum, as they are the scoring that is used moving forward after the merger.
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            We just got sync installed last week, so far, so good.


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