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Score table to Front desk notification signal button


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  • Score table to Front desk notification signal button

    Looking into inoperative call button on Vantech score table, determined button switch not jobbing by shorting leads on it which set off beep at the desk. After contact cleaner was no help and considering Emery pad to contacts like motor start relays like, saw the (nicely exposed) switch contacts not getting touched. The black plastic push button uses internal tabs that wore down so not pushing the metal prong deep enough. Found rotating it 90 degrees gets to use its other slot for proper function. Next step would be shims under the prong if tabs are gone. Save that new switch for later. Wonder how many tossed for this reason?

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phoenix rebuild

phoenix lane machine we got from another of our centers
seems like pms were not done in a long time
and these are just some of the pics

Ball accelerator

Hello, would this crack in the accelerator motor cause an issue. It's brand new and have one on the way but, it won't be here until next week. I have a pair down due to the motor...

Testing Link Belting "PowerTwist Drive"

Recently got my hands onto some meters of these:

At first let me tell you that they are pretty sturdy and very...

Ion buffer brush

Have Kegel ion model B. Noticed the buffer brush rubbing up against the felt that's attached to the oil transfer assembly (the "door" you open to fill the tanks). This...

Preventative Maintenace - Brunswick A, Jets, A2 - Slow Machine - Semi Creepy Speed

I really liked the slower speed of Masternut but decided to go a little faster, (the M2SC Conversion - Mickey Mouse Semi Creepy Conversion LOL). Looking at the video on the...