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Matrix sometimes wont do a 2nd reset in the 10th frame


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  • Matrix sometimes wont do a 2nd reset in the 10th frame

    In the 10th frame on 3rd ball, sometimes randomly Matrix will not reset a 2nd time. It is more likely to happen in league on the last game with the last bowler than in open play or a game that isn't the last. Is there any solution or a way to make it less frequent?

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    This would be more likely to happen in league play because league bowlers are more likely to strike or spare in the 10th frame.

    I'm guessing you don't have rake switches fitted? If you don't, it has to do with the scoring's perception of 'at rest' before it decides it's a good time to cycle the machine. I can't remember at the moment if there's a setting for a delay before cycling in Control Setup in WinMenu. If there is then you could extend it slightly. If not you can have a look at how long the machine is taking to complete the cycle. If it's short on pins then that 180 time could be enough for the scoring to think the cycle is complete and fire the solenoid to early.
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