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Comscore random lock ups


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  • Comscore random lock ups

    I have one pair that has been randomly locking up for a long time now. All of the other pairs work fine. It will stop scoring, and the only fix is to unplug all cables from the camera, plug them back in, and reset the pin detection at the keypad. When I bring up the camera after it stops scoring, the picture and pin detection bars are locked and won't move. Sometimes it will happen 10 times in a single night, other times it won't have any issues for an entire month.

    I've tried replacing the DVS box, replacing the camera, replacing the MIB, grounding the machines, grounding the keypads. I'm determined to get this fixed over the summer so my pin chasers don't go insane next season. I'm not sure if it's a short in a wire somewhere or what's going on.

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    We had static issues at my center for the first 2 years that would show up mainly during the winter. Finally figured it out a couple months back. It ended up being the front transport band roller had broken one of the O-rings that is inside the end assembly. This was letting it free spin at times and acting as a static generator. Replaced the O-ring and haven't had any issues from that one since.


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      I haven't worked with DVS but it does have some similarities with Matrix. You should have an external PSU to drive the camera and MIB. Have you swapped it with another pair?
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        We had this problem with our DVS system and it was mostly limited to a few pairs but we didn't have to go through everything you apparently did to free it up. All we had to do was turn the DVS off and back on to reset it. The problem was tied to the keyboards and happened generally in the winter when the air was dryer. Static shock was the culprit caused by someone who walked across the carpet touched the keypad and the DVS locked up.

        You want to be careful how you ground things. Just grounding the pedestal may not be effective in preventing the problem as they are touching the keypad and not the pedestal. Also, you don't want to tie the cable grounding sheath to ground on both ends or you will cause a ground loop which will make the problem worse.

        How have you grounded everything?


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          Here is a little extra on the grounding. Attached is a picture from the DVS hardware manual showing the keyboard cable. You notice that on the left (the curtain wall connection) there are two grounds shown. One is for the system ground and the other is the cable shield to take care of interference. On the right hand side there is only one of these connected at the connector. The shield is not connected to the connector on the keyboard end. If someone connected it then that creates the loop I discussed above and can cause the problems you are having. Also if someone grounded something incorrectly and inadvertently caused this loop you will have similar problems.

          These cables are generally made up and sent out to be connected but I know at our site, several of the cables didn't make it and the installer decided to make his own. Talk about a nightmare I had to deal with after he left.
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            So I opened up the keyboard on 1 and found the 2nd ground had been connected on the keyboard end of the cable. Removed it off of the connector, but still had a lock up that night. I'm gonna go through and replace all of the nylon screws and rubber o-rings on both keypads and run it for a while to see if that helps. The only thing I can think to do next is to replace cables one by one. We've replaced virtually every component except the cables.


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              We had one pair at our place lock up...
              Turned out being the board that the communication cable hooks to.
              Unplugged it and worked fine.
              Repaired that board and all was good.
              Never did figure out why it happened, but worked fine after all that.


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