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  • Pulse Scoring Rental Program

    Has anyone participated in the Pulse Scoring Rental Program? I am looking to update my scoring system and would like feed back. Is it good, bad, cost-effective? Any thoughts you may have on the items. Thanks!

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    I'm going fishing and camping!


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      Thanks PJ. I already have a quote from them. I am looking for someone who has some experience with the system and the company.


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        I am curious about this too. We were looking into this program as well. Did you decide to go this route? And if so any opinions on it? Thanks


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          Might want to check with your accountant. Purchased equipment can be depreciated and give you a break on your taxes. Not so with rental equipment. That would have to be weighed in. Other legal implications such as insurance coverage which may have to be adjusted. Also if you have a mortgage, equipment permanently attached usually becomes part of the structure unless specifically excluded so a visit to the lawyer may be in order. Can't speak to the equipment, agreement or company. Let us know what you find out. Sounds interesting.


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