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  • the good ol' Dacos Scorekeeper

    Good day everyone,
    I will be (trying) to setup a Dacos ScoreKeeper system on a small two lane bowling alley using Brunswick Model A pinsetters.

    I believe that I have all of the equipment that I need to get it all hooked up, but I do not have a wiring diagram or schematic for how everything hooks up. Would anyone have a copy of the manual or a wiring diagram for this system?

    I found one post from ProTech ( back in 2004 that said some troubleshooting papers and schematics were at but this site is gone and does not appear to be part of


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    I have been poking around on the cards and think I have a general idea on how everything hooks up. I will be posting some images with pinouts and later on a general wiring diagram. The images will be linked to my own hosting so that I can update them and make changes as I go along.

    Here is an image of the lane card, it has dual VGA chipsets along with a PLD used in digitizing the lane camera images (this input is multiplexed on the console IO board that I will be posting a picture of later). There are also two dual-UART chips that talk to the console IO board via the 8pin RJ45 connector. The two mini-din-6 connectors are both for overhead (or sometimes console) video. The image has a pinout as well as a basic adapter, but it appears the overhead displays are driving it at a refresh rate (15khz maybe?) that the monitors I have here wont sync to. I will get text video as the Encore software loads, but it shows "out of range" once loaded


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