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ITT: The mandatory featureset


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  • ITT: The mandatory featureset

    Nowadays, what would a good entry-level scoring system need, functionality/feature-wise, except for scoring a basic game and communicating with pinsetters, need for a typical scoring system to be considered "decent"?

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    Re: ITT: The mandatory featureset

    Look at 12 Strike. It is a stable, fuctional system.
    My experience with it was good.

    As cool as Qubica?? No, but it works very well.

    The bowlers terminal is as ugly as they come, and a little hard to get used to, but it works.

    Other options, call Stahl's 70's. ( )
    They may have a used system, and they stand behind their parts.

    Good luck,
    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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      Re: ITT: The mandatory featureset

      uhh...I was kinda asking more about, let me rephrase that question:

      What features would you expect to work correctly in a scorer so much, that if a system didn't have it or didn't implement it right, you wouldn't buy it?


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        Re: ITT: The mandatory featureset

        The short list:

        Interface with a League program like BLS Most centers offer this to leagues at a small fee, less than a league secretary would be paid.

        NEVER losses scores if power fails or the system needs booted in the middle of a game.

        Transfer scores from a broken lane.

        If you have AMF machines, the ability to do short cycle. 7-10 pick-off or gutter reverses sweep (table never feels for pins), foul (sweeps deck, spots a new rack and machine to second ball), strike (sweeps deck and spots a new rack). Brunswick A, Jetbacks, A2, can not do any of that, so not a big deal there.

        VIB (very important bowler) to track and discount regular bowlers.

        Desk POS. Able to track EVERY penny and not Z-able by staff.

        A back office system that will interface with desk, snack bar, and lounge is a big plus for the book keeper, and the boss.

        Easy to use for bowlers and staff.

        Afordable parts! It will break down some day.

        Interface with auto bumpers is a cool feature too.

        If I can think of anymore, I'll post them for you.

        We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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          Re: ITT: The mandatory featureset

          Computer Score is good too.

          Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
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