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pc upgraade for my purrfect desk ?


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  • pc upgraade for my purrfect desk ?

    I am looking for a pc for my purrfect desk
    my current pc is a premio which works a little slow but it still works
    My problem is new software
    as of last year the newer BLS would not be compatible with my machine and we would need a new machine
    So now we are in search of such a machine
    I run two front desk terminals with a server for lane interface
    anyone done this

    keep it simple

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    Just came a across this and figured I'd reply to see if you are still looking. Purrfect Score still offers some workarounds for this exact situation. If you have a lane card, I would suggest we leave your primo in play but only as a server. We could then upgrade your other computers which would allow you to get the latest BLS. If you have an SIU unit, we can upgrade all the computers in question. I'd would like to discuss your options, just give my team a call at 239.324.0735

    Best Regards,

    Eric Osborn
    BMA / Purrfect Score
    Director of IT


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      I am having problems with the connection of my pc to the lane units. I think it is a hardware problem in the SIU unit, as that is what the former owner of the center has informed me had happened in the past. Do you know of where I can get a new SIU unit or have my unit repaired or have any advise to fix it? Thanks


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        Sorry haven't been on here much. We can get a refurbished unit for you. Just call 239.324.0735 for details.

        All the best,



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