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Info on the Touch Desk & Touch Score 3


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  • Info on the Touch Desk & Touch Score 3

    Does anyone have anymore info on these systems? (good-bad, pluses-minuses) Were there many bugs to work out after the install. Thanks!

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    I service a 12 lane center in PA that uses touchdesk. Quick install and easy to use. You can actually download the software and play with it before you decide. It won't do anything with your machines as you need the interface box but you can use all the features as if it was actually working.
    Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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      Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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        We had it installed this summer after our front desk BOSS computer died. Works fine. Has a LOT of features and there is a learning curve because it is different but works great with our scoring system. Didn't have to change anything else. They brought new computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and cash drawer. So far, we really like it.
        They have a super tech support group. If you have a problem and are on the internet, they can log on to your computer and show you step by step, how to do what you can't figure out, or walk you through any problems.


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          Mike, Joe at wausaukee bowl. Call/Come up and check it out at my place, open everyday. had it put in 6-7 weeks ago. Best thing i ever did. Happy bowlers and easy to use. Graphics and different background colors. Can run your leagues for you as long as you answer question correct. Lanes come on when you tell it.WOW. Great


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