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EasiScor II / ProScor - Anyone remember these?


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  • EasiScor II / ProScor - Anyone remember these?

    Hello old friends,
    Time is passing quicker every year. I've just turned 47, and was probably 24 when I moved on from ProScor to be a more general IT tech. I recently, tried to look up old acquaintances to find I've waited too long. Jack Feese and Dave Duncan are no longer around. I was able to keep up with Eddie McMillan, and with help I even caught up with David Grounds.

    However, being that most of the people I worked with were much older at the time (I used to be called "the kid"). I don't know if anyone out there will remember me, if so give me a message.

    When I started with EasiScor II, they used two XT (8088 x86 7mhz) computers, one to do pin detection and one for the displays/keyboard/networking. I was able to rewrite the pin detection code and incorporate into the other and just use one 386 computer.

    Good times. Anyone out there remember me?

    James "Randy" Little

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    I had that Easiscor system way....back in the days at Liberty Lanes in Largo, Florida, early 90's I think, lol
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      Pretty sure I have an Easy Score manual.
      I've had enough of hope & chains.


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