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  • 42" Accuvision Gen5

    We've had these for a while, connected to Vector Plus, and as I'm sure some of you know, they've been having backlight issues. Our warranty on these things expired a few months ago, we've used up all our good spares, and now one more failed after rebooting our scoring system. Never powered the thing down -- rebooting the server and slaves was enough.

    Does anyone know if there is a common cause behind this, say, power board or LED backlight strips? If so, can parts be sourced and/or the problem rectified inhouse? If so, any idea what pricing might be? If not, worst case scenario, what might be a suitable replacement for said Accuvision monitor?

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    Originally, it was electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board -Under rated for the long-term use. I've changed them myself and had a working monitor for months.
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