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3QT Box Problem


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  • 3QT Box Problem

    I don't know much about any of the qubica scoring systems, but someone gave me a 3QT box to look at. They told me that the scoring freezes up and they can't get it to do anything. The backup battery inside is obviously bad because it's voltage drops to around 1v as soon as the box is unplugged. Could it be the battery? And what is the typical process to reboot one of these? Also, what is the little red reset type button next to the monitor overhead ports for?

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    When you plug it in, does the top yellow LED blink on the V1 port? There are error codes,I cannot remember what they are now, but some you can correct by re-downloading the settings
    from a good pair to that box. There is another code that means it is fried and needs to be sent to QAMF to get repaired. You might contact BillyT4QAMF,
    he can hook you up with an expert if he does not know.
    Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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      If it' freezing that could mean the ssd is failing


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        what is the SSD ??


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          Solid state drive


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            thank you !! i ask this question because i have trouble too , i have frozen score sometime on one pair ! For me the 3Qt system is new and i don't know well this system
            !!This is my problem : the player play normally but sometime in the game the score doesn't work ( frozen ) but my machine make the cycle normaly 1st and 2nd !
            I tried to reset my 3 QT but the result is the same sometime 1 day after or one week ! I work on 82/90Xli , 3Qt , bcu II , Q vsion camboard , okkio cam ! my scoring system is pro conqueror ! somebody can help me please ? Thank you very much


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              this box have a typical problem and can be repaired - need to replace chips. After that it will work fine. Please PM me or see my other posts. I work with bowling electronics and repair it.


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