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Rocky Road Race game graphics issue


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  • Rocky Road Race game graphics issue

    Hope anyone can help us out with this issue. On 2 pairs (1/2 and 23/24) when the Rocky Road Race game is displayed, the lower right of the screen where the square showing animated race car is displayed it will show the box but not the animated race car.

    We have swapped out every piece of hardware and cables to correct the issue. All other games and graphics display correctly.

    We are running the latest version of Conqueror Pro with 3Qt's

    Cant think of any other reasons this may be happening short of the cat5 cables running from the 3QT to the lane monitors have got and issue and all the cables run up thru the top of the ceiling

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    I am unfamiliar with Qubica, but it sounds like a graphic or file is missing.
    Are there hard drives in this system, and if so, can the graphics directory be copied over from one drive to another?


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      3QT's do have drives in them,but I am under the belief all the graphics files are on the server side computer. Not sure of what settings to check.

      Also not sure if its a graphics file that needs to be copied and if so which setting menu to each pair like a lot of the pinsetter settings can be


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        Depending on the system, some of those use a usb thumb drive that's on top of the 3QT to store graphics and animation files. Could be you lost a file or the drive is starting to go bad. With AMF's obsession with propriety devices, I'm not sure if this can just be switched with another unit to see if the problem follows the drive but it's worth looking in to.


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          Have you tried doing and upload and erase to the affected pairs?


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            done uploads with memory erase a few times and even swapped the 3QT with a known good one and the problem still remains.

            Didn't know the thumb drive ontop help the graphics and animations. More familiar with RDB's on A2's than i am with 3QT's with AMF


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              Thanks all. Swapped thumb drives from one 3QT to another and the problem followed.


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                Off topic a little here but does anyone actually know how to use these games on a pair or in a full house? It was brought to my attention yesterday that they were there and that they wanted to try using them but I have no idea. front end manage sent out one that has the lucky winner out to a pair with two people and it didnt seem like anything happened at all. they want to give away T-shirts and stuff
                If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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                  You need to do an "upload animations" to fix the issue. This is different than doing an "upload programs". You will need to "reload" the animations on the server, and then do an "upload animations".
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