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Conqueror problem every night at the same time.


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  • Conqueror problem every night at the same time.

    We are running Conqueror with a Windows XP operating system. We have had very little problems with our system until last week. Every night at 7:20pm Conqueror does not allow us to open or close lanes. It will not allow us to access the lane through the score correction tab as well. We can turn the pinsetters off and access the lane control : keyboard option which allows us to enter bowlers names or make any corrections from the counter. The bowler can also do this at the keyboard on their lane. It has been every night at 7:20pm. We have cleaned the computer and made sure that it is not getting to hot. I had to out to a computer store and the everything is running "like a beast". Hard drive is good. Is there a setting or anything that would cause this in the programming? We have never had this computer hooked to the internet. Any suggestions would help. Thank you

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    Sounds like you may be on an automatic backup schedule. If you are still having problems, I would call Qubica directly, don't know if you have warranty tech support or not but hopefully they won't charge you for a quick check of your system. I beliieve you can get on the Qubica site and download the Manuals as a PDF files.

    Hopefully you have a manual. The following was taken directly from the Conqueror User Manual -
    6.2 Database Backup
    The option to backup all current Conqueror data at any given time may be useful in order to send data to the Technical Support team for analyzing in problem situations and where problems occur the data from the backup can be recalled through performing a Restore. Busy Centers who do not wish to have the system down for the time it takes to perform an automatic backup every day, can perform them manually at a more convenient time. To perform a backup manually, enter the Database Backup module and press OK. If the Bowling Center is open 24 hours a day, database optimization may take too long, delaying system access and should therefore be deselected. Every now and then optimization must be carried out anyhow for efficiency of the database. For settings on Automatic Backups, see the Backup tab in Center Setup.

    8. Backup
    This window allows the definition of settings relative to the automatic management and archiving of data within Conqueror. Backups can also be performed manually through the Utilities module.

    Check the Automatic Backup option if automatic data backup is to be performed regularly and specify the desired Frequency (Days) of automatic backups. The backup is performed during the Daily Tasks. The Sets to Keep setting refers to the number of backups to be conserved on the computer. If automatic backup frequency is set to be performed every 7 days and 2 backups are to be kept, the system performs a backup weekly, maintaining that of the previous week. Check the Execute Database Optimization option if database optimization is to be performed during the Daily Tasks, immediately after the database backup. It is recommended that everyone perform database optimization in order to improve Conqueror performance.
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