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  • Never seen this before

    I have flat screens with the envision black box hooked to my vdbs to make the keyboards etc. communicate with each other. I have on pair that the picture has went to the right and color is all messed up. I have switched vdbs, envision boxes and all cables. I also took a tv out of the lounge and hooked it up and it looks the same. Im down to maybe a wire issue in the LCOM wire??? Any suggestions?

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    Unplug power to the VDB, unplug LCOM and network plugs, plug power back in. You should get a normal looking boot screen that stops at an error message.

    Did you swap VDB and envision boxes with known working ones from other lane pairs or spare parts? It's always better to swap with other lane pairs when possible and don't swap all parts to the same lane pair. If the problem is on 1-2 swap one part with 3-4, another with 5-6, etc. until something doesn't work on two lane pairs and keep records of what you swapped where in case the problem goes away today and comes back next month.


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      In all the work that we have done all week to switching vdbs, envision boxes and looking at wiring to detect the problem, we finally found it. Never under estimate the power of one HDMI CABLE. We found that one cable was bad on even lane monitor which made both monitors have issues. Thank you very much for your reply to help us out.


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        Thank you for posting the solution to this.


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