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Conquerer Can't print scores easily.


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  • Conquerer Can't print scores easily.

    Okay so maybe it's just a minor inconvenience or, perhaps even something wrong in windows, let me describe it best I can.

    When my bowl desk pulls up the score card for a lane and wants to print it out for the guest it pulls up a print preview and says export or print. No problems there.

    If I click print the circle spins for a second then nothing happens.

    Temporary work around I export it save it to a temp file and print it manually from the pdf. It would be nice to cut out the middle man though by figuring out the issue. Any advice on what to look for helps alot!

    Thank you,
    David Whetzel
    Main Event Ent.

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    Is Qubica set up for your printer? If not I think it defaults to "print to file." If this is the case, after you tell Qubica what printer to use, you will have a lot of .PRN files to delete.


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      Well Its not automatically printing to anything that I can tell. When I hit the pint button it just spins for a second then nothing happens. to make the file I am having to Export it to PDF. I will definitely check this out though in the settings and make sure it is set up correctly.


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        I believe you may not be able to set up the Printer yourself. You may have to call Qubica, they will access the areas in the program that we cannot and initialize the printer. Part of their "Proprietary Stuff".
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          make sure the printer is set in Terminal Setup>Printers


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            Okay update: the people at the front desk have a second printer and they decided to just unplug the correctly linked printer to use this other color printer.

            problem solved


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              Thanks for the update!
              Mike Wilson
              Bowl-Tech Inc.


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