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VDB output voltage


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  • VDB output voltage

    I have a pair of lanes where scoring system won't upload. Went and checked camera board and 6 box board in back. Nothing seems to have power. I remember being told the output voltage checks for the 4 port cable coming off the VDB. I just can't remember the voltage levels. I also remember that the checks go like port 1 & 3 is one reading 2&4 is another reading. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. I have conqueror scoring and vdb 99.

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    Black is hot. Red and Green are signal. White is common for all 3 circuits. It's DC and I think about 20 volts. I forget the polarity. Do you get an error message when you reboot? You could swap the VDB if you don't find a short in the LCOM cables.


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      Thank you. I checked that and it was good. Started checking the rest of the pair for wire problems. Found the wire running Underground to the keyboards had gotten pinched buy the ball return track Underground. The track had shifted a little bit and was pinching down on the cable with the four wires in it. Upon checking the wires I found two broken wires right there. So I fix the wiring problem there and stabilized the ball return track and went back up to the desk and reuploaded the pair and now everything works. Thank you for the help because it helps me to determine that the VDB was good so I continued on checking all the wiring until I found it.


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        Thanks for the update!
        Mike Wilson
        Bowl-Tech Inc.


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