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Static Coming From Pedestal Below SuperTouch - BES X


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  • Static Coming From Pedestal Below SuperTouch - BES X

    Has anyone had problems with static coming from the speakers in the pedestal below the SuperTouch? We have handful that have static (noise or feedback) coming through the speaker. One of which is loud enough to hear over 24 lanes away. The intercom still works, but it's bothersome to bowlers. QubicaAMF sent us a kit with plates that they thought would fix it, but it did not. I'd prefer not to disconnect the speaker, as the intercom will no longer work. Thanks!

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    We had this problem on one of our lanes as well. They sent had to send a new touchscreen for us and we just changed it out and that fixed the problem. so ask Qubica for a new touchscreen.


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      Thanks for the reply! I was hoping that someone found a different solution, as that has been our only solution thus far as well. It's just wild having to pay $1600 for a new SuperTouch when the unit itself appears to be functioning fine. Especially when we have more than one unit to replace. Between the noisy speakers, and the broken plastic backings, these SuperTouch's are turning out to be quite the headache.


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        If this is more than one lane (or maybe even only one lane for that matter) but not all your lanes then I would suspect an installation issue rather than a board issue. You are most likely picking up interference from somewhere. This could be as simple as an improperly grounded/installed cable running past a motor or other source of noise.

        Start by looking at your cables and make sure someone hasn't created a ground loop. Compare your cable connections to a known good lane and see that they match up. Look specifically at the cable sheath and make sure if they are only tied to the connector at one end of the cable then that's the same way on the bad lane. I can't say specifically for your equipment but most times this is only connected to the computer end of cables to dissipate interference. If you ground both ends of the sheath, it will act as an antenna and pick up those stray noises. There should be a separate wire for the actual ground and the sheath shouldn't be used for the system ground. On a cable that's not installed you can use and ohm meter to check that there is no continuity between the two connectors but this is a little hard to do when the connectors are 100 feet apart. You can do it but it takes a little extra work.

        Then start swapping parts between a bad lane and a known good lane. At some point you should put a component in the bad lane that resolves the issue. If you put the bad component in a good lane it may or may not follow the component so it's good to do both but pay particular attention as to what the good board does in the bad lane. Take your time and do this one component at a time so you can identify the questionable component. If you can't replace a component from a good lane into the bad lane and have it resolve the issue then a new board isn't likely to fix the problem. Theoretically, at some point you should have an entire good lane setup on the bad lane so if it was a component, the problem should disappear. If it doesn't, you can't really justify putting in a new board.

        Is this something that has always existed since the system was installed or is this showing up over time on different lanes?


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          exM spoke of a "Ground Loop" It is condition with speakers, PA systems, Sound Systems, computer systems, etc. that occurs when there is a difference in Potential across the various grounds of a large electrical system. No matter how good the connections are across piping, receptacles, ect., this potential can and does develop. When you supply power to two different components in the sound system, a hum or interference occurs. Very Annoying !! I have corrected several sound systems for sound techs where the amplifiers are plugged in to one source and the Sound Control Board, (Located at the other end of the room), is plugged into another power source. They would argue with me and state, "the systems hums even with the Sound Board turned OFF ! " I responded by telling them, the Ground Loop doesn't care if it is On or Off. I would have them run an extension cord from the same source as the Amps were plugged in, to feed the Sound Board. POOF !! Quiet as a church mouse, (whatever that means). I would state: Listen to the old man. You may need to look at installing and additional ground wire, you can't depend on the metal sheathing of the BX Cable or metal piping, EMT, to give you a good ground. You may have to look at running supply power from the same source if that doesn't do it. It is extremely bad when two different breaker panels supply power to different components of the sound system.

          I'm sure you've seen the orange receptacles with a triangle on their face, IG or IGR receptacles, (they may not be orange but they will have the triangle). This indicates that the ground pin is independent of the mounting frame and Must be independently grounded with a separate green wire all the way back to the main electric panel. These are used for computer and sound systems to reduce noise and interference. Good luck.
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